Saturday, July 31, 2010


We are still almost $5,000 away from the $7,700 we need to send off our dossier, as soon as it is completed! We will not be put on the waiting list for our little boy until our dossier is sent to Ethiopia, so the sooner that happens, the better!!

So. . .we have decided to do a BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY! This is an idea we have seen on several blogs and we thought it would be a great way get spread the work about our cookbooks and our coffee sale.

What are we giving away??? There are going to be several options, depending on your specific needs or desires!! Check it out:


My wonderful sister and mother make these amazing aprons. They make four sizes-adult, young girl (or boy), toddler, and doll size. Aren't they adorable?? (Doesn't my nephew look so excited to be a part of this photo?!)

Our cookbook!!

A bag of coffee!!

2 dozen cookies of your choice!!
If you win, you will be able to choose from these options:
  1. A Complete set of aprons (your choice of color/design) and 2 dozen cookies.
  2. 1 apron (your choice of color/design and size), a cookbook and 2 dozen cookies.
  3. A cookbook, a bag of coffee and 2 dozen cookies.
  4. 2 aprons (your choice of color/design and size), a bag of coffee and 2 dozen cookies

So. . .how do you enter, you ask?? Here's how:

  • Become a follower of our blog (if you already are, that counts too! Just post a comment that you would like to be a part of the giveaway)-1 entry per day
  • Post about our giveaway on your blog-1 entry per day (comment, message or email me to let me know)
  • Add a link about the giveaway on facebook-1 entry per day (comment, message or email me to let me know)
  • Buy a cookbook-2 entries for each book purchased!
  • Buy coffee-1 entry per bag


  • If anyone buys a cookbook and coffee and mentions your name, you will receive 3 Entries!!!

Enter as many times as you like! There will be 1 winner for every 50 entries!! Just be sure to let us know each time you post/link, etc. Also, be sure to have anyone who is purchasing cookbooks and coffee to mention your name.

We will end the giveaway on Friday, August 13th and the winner(s) will be announced on Saturday, August 14th!! (changed from previous dates!)

Good Luck to all of you and we hope you have fun!!!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sorry about not posting much lately. Our paperchase journey is nearing the 5 month mark (average is 4-6 months). So far, it has been fairly smooth and for that we are so thankful. We are still waiting on our beloved I171h immigration form to arrive. It's been a little over 2 weeks since our biometrics(fingerprinting) appointment. Each day when I head to the post office to check the mail, I try not to think about it too much. I do search each little piece of mail, even the junk, just to make sure!! It would be a huge shock for it to come this soon though. Other families have been waiting quite a while for theirs. The Wages Family has been waiting over 80 days for theirs! They have been paperchasing for almost a year. They have had several delays with various things, including the home study, and now to be waiting so long for their I171h is so hard. Say a quick prayer for them-they are resting in God's timing, but it can be so frustrating at times.

We are still busy fundraising. As you can see from our thermometer, we have been blessed greatly in the past month. We are barely a month into fundraising and have raised close to $2,500!! We are really praying that we'll get to the $7,700 mark BEFORE our I171h arrives. At this point, that is my biggest fear: having our paperwork completely finished and not being able to send it because we don't have the money raised.

Cookbook sales have been going well. We have been overwhelmed at the support from the people here in Meade, especially the at the hospital where Matt works. They have been absolutely amazing and have even "advertised" the cookbook in their weekly newsletter. We haven't had the sales we expected online, though, so we are working on a GREAT giveaway to get the word out on the web and hopefully more traffic on our blog.

We will post all the details tomorrow so be sure to come back and check it out!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Enter to win a Fun T-shirt!!

A fellow adoption family is selling T-shirts to help bring their little one home. They are doing a T-shirt giveaway to help promote the shirts. Please go to their blog and check them out.
You can enter to win or buy a shirt!

We have been papercasing with this family for a while now, but just today they recieved their I171h and will be DTE soon!!!!! The I171h is the form we are currently waiting on now that our fingerprinting is done!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Puzzle Progress

As many of you know, as a part of our fundraising efforts, we are putting together a puzzle to hang in our son's nursery. Each piece of the 1000 piece puzzle will have the name of a person or family that helped bring him home to his forever family.

This is what it looks like so far: 158 pieces!!!

The back side-with names!!

A close up shot!

This shows a picture of what the puzzle will look like when completed

Looks good so far, doesn't it?? Only 842 pieces to go! If you are new to our blog or have forgotten how to "sponsor" pieces, there are three ways to do it.

1. Buy a cookbook-1 puzzle piece for each cookbook sold (details are on the side of the blog)

2. Buy coffee-1 puzzle piece for each bag purchased (link is on the side of our blog, under the cookbook stuff)

3. Give any monetary donation-1 puzzle piece for every $10

Can you help us finish it?? As you can see, we are making great progress but have a long way to go. Anything you can do to help is so much appreciated!

Thank you all for your prayers and support during this journey! Things have been pretty smooth so far, but emotionally we have had our ups and downs. We know that God has called us to this and we are so excited, but there are times when it becomes overwhelming, especially when thinking about the financial aspect of it all. Yesterday was one of those days for me, and this morning God blessed our socks off with an amazing donation in the mail from a wonderful, wonderful lady! It's days like these that we feel your prayers and know that God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine!


Friday, July 2, 2010

We're getting fingerprinted!!

Today was a wonderful day at the post office!! Our USCIS fingerprinting appointment came in the mail! July 13th at 9:00 a.m. can't come soon enough! I almost decided against checking the mail. . .I'm so glad I didn't! I was the perfect beginning to a holiday weekend! Have a wonderful 4th of July!!