Thursday, August 12, 2010

It Has Arrived!!

The post office was a happy place today! Our I-171h arrived this morning!! Our dossier is basically complete now! We have to get everything in order, make our copies and it will be ready to put in the mail.

The Problem--we still don't have the amount we need to send our dossier to our agency.

Seeing our I-171h in the mail today was a little bittersweet. Yes, we were excited, but knowing we can't send in our dossier is just a little heartbreaking. It wasn't unexpected, though. We have had a feeling that our paperwork would be finished before our funding was in (I think the Lord was preparing us). We have been praying that we would have patience and wait on the Lord's timing. Boy, is that hard to do sometimes!

Also, there are families that have been waiting for their I-171h for much longer than us--and they have the funds to send in their dossier as soon as- they get it. I feel guilty for getting ours before theirs came. It seems a little silly for us to have ours when we really aren't quite ready for it. But, the Lord knows what He's doing, even when we just don't understand it!

I told Matt that as soon as the I-171h was in my hands, I would be going crazy and be a complete mess! Surprisingly, although I feel that little tug at my heart, I am actually doing OK. I'm sure that has something to do with the Lord providing us with so many wonderful people who are encouraged and prayed for us! I know that the Lord will provide-I KNOW He will! Our commitment to finishing our paperwork without going into debt has not, and will not change. We truly believe God is telling us to let Him provide at this point.

Does that mean we are going to sit and twiddle our thumbs-not at all. We are fundraising and will continue to do so. We are still selling our cookbooks and coffee. We have a big fundraiser planned and we will let you all know the details as soon as it is all worked out.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!



  1. Rubeinna, you are amazing. What a great attitude to have in the midst of all those emotions. God WILL provide and it will be even more amazing than you can even imagine!

  2. Oh, Rubbeinna! We CELEBRATE with you for receiving your I-171H today! It is now truly out of your hands......and in the hands of our loving father! No better place to be! I look forward to watching God show up BIG to help you become DTE!!!!! Your faith is beautiful! May God bless your obedience abundantly, my friend! :o)